7 Day Easy Guide to Juice Fasting

Tanei The Science Guy, PhD
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🧐Are you looking for a quick, easy way to lose weight fast? 

🧐Are you tired of feeling sluggish, sleepy, and unmotivated because your rushed lifestyle makes you eat junk? 

🧐Are you trying to break a food addiction and rebalance your relationship with food? 

Then this guide is for you! 

🍹I went on a juice fast that I wrote about on Twitter and my results were AMAZING! I did this fast because I felt many of the things above myself.🍹

😷☠️💀I was burnt out.😷☠️💀

😷☠️💀I was tired all of the time.😷☠️💀

😷☠️💀I had little motivation to do basic things.😷☠️💀

😷☠️💀All I wanted to do was sleep.😷☠️💀

This sounds exactly like you before you got the idea to come here to do something about it.

Then I thought "maybe I should go on a juice fast." I've been on fasts before and I always felt better afterwards. However, this would be the longest fast that I had ever been on. I decided though that if I was going to beat all of these demons, that it would have to start with me! 

I went to tweet my fasting experience on twitter and I had a blast sharing it! Many people were inspired by my progress asked me to put the juice recipes into one place so here we are!

Read ahead to learn more!


7 Day Easy Guide to Juice Fasting is a juicing guide for beginners packed with secret tips, tricks, and recipes that are *guaranteed* to help you lose up to 10 lbs in a week, feel better, and clean years of junk out of your body so that you can feel and look good inside and out!

Say hello to the new you!

No more:

💡2pm slump at work💡

🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️Walking around and feeling like a zombie🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️

💤Feeling completely drained even when you get enough sleep💤

All you need to do get this insider tricks so that you can lose up to *10lbs in a week*, have more energy, and fit back into your favorite pair of jeans is click "I Want This!"


What Do You Get?

7 Day Easy Guide to Juice Fasting is 20 pages with:

✅ A Step by Step Preparation Guide 

✅ A Produce Guide

✅ A Juice Combination Guide 

so you are not struggling to figure out how and what to juice.

I literally make it as easy as possible for you to lose up to 10 lbs fast from the convenience of your phone!

I also give you my own personal observations at the end to compare your results to. Wanna catch up on your new year's resolutions or do you simply want to feel good in that little black dress or tailored suit again? This e-book gives you the blueprint with recipes that no one else is talking about! To get started, all you have to do is click "I want this!"


*You Get 2 Bonus Ebooks Absolutely Free!*

You also get 2 additional ebooks. The first one is on starches. This short pdf will talk about:

✅Some Ins and Outs About Starch

✅Its Digestion By Humans

✅The Best Ways to Get Good Starch. 

The document is 6 pages long including graphics, tables and references. Use this guide to help determine how and if you should eat starch in the future! ($6 value for free!)

The second ebook is on the dangers of dairy and gluten. Do you or someone you know suffer from conditions like:

😷Type 1 Diabetes😷


😷Irritable Bowel Syndrome😷

😷Asymptomatic Celiac Disease😷

Have you ever considered that these things are affected by your diet? This e-book outlines the dangers of conventional dairy and gluten consumption for humans. Inside, I break down:

✅ What Dairy and Gluten Are

✅ How They Break Down Into 2 Drug Like Molecules

✅ Correlations of Dairy and Gluten Consumption to T1 Diabetes, Asymptomatic Celiac Disease, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Neurological Disorders Such as Schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The pdf is 27 pages long with section by section info as well as a solution section to get you on the road to recovery. ($6 for free!)

I also update this juice guide whenever I find new recipes for certain conditions absolutely free of charge! I've already updated the guide twice with new info and new recipes. When I find more, I'll add more!

✅Claim all of this amazing value to help you live your best life by easily clicking "I Want This!" below!



🏅🏆"I bought Tanei's e-book '7 Day Comprehensive Guide to Juice Fasting.' The information is clear, concise, and palatable. A quick, relatable read that feels like an instruction manual had a baby with a podcast."🏅🏆

@TheRealSlamBrad on Twitter

🏅🏆"I've made it through the process and I've shed much waste (pounds). Thank you for writing up this fast. I recommend people at least give this a try if possible. If I can do it, y'all can do it."

After 6 weeks

"I wanted to say thank you. You helped with the the first step of my discipline with the juicing ideas and healthy lifestyle. I’m down 30+ pounds and I haven’t felt this good since high school."🏅🏆

@ThatGuyBemer on Twitter

*Utterly amazing results. This can be you as soon as you take action and click "I want this!"*

🏅🏆"I admire and commend you for completing the fast you published because it has not been an easy task. I have enjoyed it nonetheless!"🏅🏆

@Ybobya on Twitter

🏅🏆"I'm helping my bff with his liquid fast. Your dedication and progress is inspiring all the homies!"🏅🏆

@phoenixfreeband on Twitter

🏅🏆"I followed your juice fast and shed 14 pounds of waste. Love what you're doing. Keep it up!"🏅🏆

Jordan T.

Click "I Want This!" below so that you can join this group of satisfied customers in claiming their new future body!


So I'm sure you're thinking at this point

🤔 Why Should I Buy This? - Great question! This guide is for people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Much of the food that we eat today is not actual food. It's either poison or drugs. This guide helps you break away from those toxic foods so that you can begin living a live full of energy and zeal!

🤔 Why Should I Listen to You? - Another great question! Having a PhD in chemistry helps me understand all of the different molecules that are in these juices and what they do for our bodies. Having additional training in microbiology helps me understand digestion and metabolism on an elite level so that you can get a guide that's straight to the point so you can start healing yourself immediately!

🤔 I Don't Have a Juicer. Should I Still Buy This? - Absolutely! Just because you don't have a juicer doesn't mean that you can't juice. If you have a blender and a strainer or nut milk bag, you can easily blend these things together, and strain the juice into a cup. From there you can add water for to taste or consistency.

🤔 Will I Really Lose 10 lbs? - If followed to a T, this guide can help you lose up to 10 lbs in a week on average the first time you do it. Personally, I lost 12 lbs while I was on the fast. It depends on how much extra weight you have to lose, but I sincerely believe that you can lose at least 5 lbs in a week if you have an average body type.

So what are you waiting for???

If you've gotten this far, it's time to hit the "I Want This!" button to claim your weight loss, increased energy, and increased focus while these behind the scenes tips and tricks are still available!

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7 Day Easy Guide to Juice Fasting

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